DIY – Handprint & Footprint Art – Easter Craft Art

Easter bunny Handprint & Footprint Art Another month and another theme.. Easter!  I'll be honest this was a rough month and we were short on time. So,  I picked the picture for them to do, but they got to pick the colors of their bunny and decorate them.  They still loved the Easter bunny project [...]

St. Patrick’s Day Handprint Art ~ March

Rainbows and Gold ~ St. Patrick's Day Art The girls and I loved this month's theme.  Went traditional with rainbows, clovers and gold. As usual I was frustrated with one of the St. Patrick's Day art pieces and I honestly may paint over it next year.     At first I thought we were going [...]

DIY Valentine’s Day Handprint & Footprint Art

Happy Valentines' Day! Many of you know I loved creating my handprint and footprint art with my girls.  Each month I change out the artwork.  Somehow I managed to not get all the different pieces up on the blog.  Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner I figured this was a GREAT time to [...]

DIY – Kid’s mini sled Christmas craft

Adorable mini Christmas sled craft. This Christmas craft was fun to do, a bit messy and a bit of fixing up... but they will look adorable hanging on the wall or in a series on a table.  The girls loved painting them and they even hammered the nails in. This project was one of the [...]

DIY – Fall Handprint & Footprint Art – September

September's Handprint & Footprint Artwork. I really enjoyed this month's handprint artwork for September.  Mainly because my soon to be 2 yo - picked out her own handprint art AND... she stuck to what she wanted AND.... she didn't even fuss with the actual painting of her hand!  This was a big accomplishment for us. [...]

Fourth of July Children’s Handprint and Footprint artwork

Well... I had grand ideas about our footprint and handprint artwork for the month of July.  Alas... my children went with simple ideas this time.. probably for the best 🙂 after June's animal debacle.  The first two are my oldest and youngest.  They went simple with fireworks... we even played the song by Katy Perry [...]

DIY – Handprint & Footprint Art – Father’s Day Craft

GOLF THEME FATHER'S DAY ART In my post on our JUNE handprint and footprint art I talked about Father's Day Craft paintings.   I absolutely LOVE the way the gifts turned out and everyone loved the unique art.  I thought about something unique to each of the three people.  I started with my dad (loves golf), [...]

Animal Handprint and Footprint Artwork

So this month it was DOUBLE DUTY!  We made out three painting for the wall PLUS Father's Day Paintings.  Well, I LOVED the Father's Day Paintings, but my girls decided they wanted animals... ugghhh my worst nightmare, BUT I'll give it a shot! I started with my oldest who knew right away she wanted a [...]

10 Things I Learned When Making our Christmas Handprint & Footprint Artwork

Mistle"toes" and mistakes..... Well I had the best  of intentions on posting all of these right after each one was done... but alas that did not happen.  As I walked through the store the other day (September 14th) and saw Christmas stuff up already (seriously?) I thought I would go ahead and start out my [...]

DIY – Whisper Phones

I borrowed whisper phones from other teachers in the past, but until last year - I didn't even think of making my own.  Then I had six!  students who HAD to read out loud.  It wasn't until the very end of the school year that I remembered the whisper phones.  After calling a friend for [...]