Animal Handprint and Footprint Artwork

So this month it was DOUBLE DUTY!  We made out three painting for the wall PLUS Father's Day Paintings.  Well, I LOVED the Father's Day Paintings, but my girls decided they wanted animals... ugghhh my worst nightmare, BUT I'll give it a shot! I started with my oldest who knew right away she wanted a [...]

10 Things I Learned When Making our Christmas Handprint & Footprint Artwork

Mistle"toes" and mistakes..... Well I had the best  of intentions on posting all of these right after each one was done... but alas that did not happen.  As I walked through the store the other day (September 14th) and saw Christmas stuff up already (seriously?) I thought I would go ahead and start out my [...]

The Importance & Need for Skilled Trade Workers

Until my husband decided to go school at the YOUNG age of 40 for welding, a complex skilled trade.  I really had never put a lot of thought into skilled trade.  He has always done skilled trades.. without schooling.  He rebuilt our house in Oregon, designed audio systems in cars and rebuilt old cars.   I [...]